Get A Cheaper Plastic Surgery in Turkey

beautiful girlPlastic surgery in the US is both popular and expensive. As a result of its popularity, plastic surgeries in countries like Thailand, Korea, Brazil and in the Middle East offer cheaper procedures to many tourists from the US and Europe.

There is an increasing number of Americans and Europeans traveling to Turkey to get some plastic surgery done. The primary reason behind these travels is for them to get more affordable rates without jeopardizing the quality of the work. As more people seek plastic surgeons in Turkey, this country is slowly becoming one of the key destinations for the health tourists around the globe.

Although there are numerous perks in medical tourism, you have to think about your safety first. Regardless of where you choose to get a procedure done, there are always some risks involved. Here are five questions you need answers to before booking your flight abroad to get a procedure done.

1. Is there a recourse for me?

In the US you can sue a doctor for malpractice if something goes wrong in the operating room. But this might not be the case in other countries. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are no laws in the USA that protect Americans who proceeded to go to an unlicensed doctor abroad. The bottom line is you have to understand your legal rights before you make a doctor’s appointment overseas.

2. Is the doctor certified or accredited?

Look for a surgeon who is accredited by an organization similar to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the US. These agencies of doctors require continual medical education, training, certification and hospital privileges before anyone could join. There are also members of this organization who practice in the USA and overseas.

3. Can you contact the surgeon or his clinic before booking a flight?

Getting a terrific surgeon is essential but establishing a relationship before you see him or her is a crucial aspect of traveling overseas for a procedure. By contacting the doctor’s office, you can find out about his or her credentials.

You can also find out if the doctor has international patients and if he or she is affiliated with a well-known hospital in his country. A surgeon with hospital privileges tells you that he or she is indeed certified.

4. What are my post-surgery risks?

Even under the safest conditions, there is always a risk in any plastic surgery. You have to think about what could go wrong after the procedure is done. For example, flying back home after surgery can potentially cause you to get sick or develop blood clots.

If possible, avoid traveling back immediately. It would be better to stay overseas after your surgery until you are totally healed or until your doctor clears you to travel back home.

5. Who do I contact if I have questions about my post-operative activities?

Doctors provide slightly different recommendations to every patient. Before you try various activities such as drinking alcohol, swimming in the beach, sunbathing or skiing, check with your doctor if they allow you to.

So make sure to find a surgeon overseas who you can easily contact. You can also schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your hometown just in case you have important questions that need immediate answers to.

For most people, the main reason why people get plastic surgeries abroad is to get top-notch medical care for a lower price. In fact, many people (even celebrities) have already done it and are happy with the results.

It is unquestionably possible to find qualified and reputable doctors in Turkey and other countries. You just have to make sure that you choose a clinic or surgeon that you would implicitly trust your life with.

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